Glass Manufacturing Solutions

• CNC Glass Milling & Drilling                                                                    • Glass Coating
• Glass Grinding                                                                            • Laser Cutting
• Single & Double Sided Glass Lapping                                         • Redrawn Tubing
        & Polishing to 1/4 Wave Flatness                                         • Precision Bore Tubing
• Glass Dicing                                                                                • Multi-forming                                              
• Miniature Lathe Turning & Drilling                                              • Molding
• Chemical Strengthening                                                              • Multibore Tubing

Specialty Glass Products - Because Precise Designs Deserve Precise Fabrication.

Specialty Glass Products solves your toughest glass engineering and design problems through imaginative and precise glass fabrication. SGP provides especially quick response to glass prototype development. Whether you are working from a preliminary sketch or need a quote on your final drawing, Specialty Glass Products is ready to serve you.

When your design demands glass:
• for prototype glass parts and glass assemblies.

• for everything from the conceptual stage to the finished glass product.

• for overcoming specific roadblocks during the design and development process.