Quality Assurance

    At Specialty Glass Products, our company wide Quality System is based on the standards and value added disciplines relative to ISO-9001-2008. We are currently working towards compliance to the new 2015 standards.

SGP's quality assurance department is equipped with the latest in high precision inspection equipment such as our Optical Comparators, Ultra Precision Scales, Monochromatic 6 place Digital Micrometer, Profilometer ( surface tester), and our RAM Optical Computerized Video System which, with its programmability, can not only store data, but can also compare it for statistical analysis. SGP also participates in Statistical Process Control (SPC) in order to maintain and continuously improve our processes. Our measuring gauges from Calipers and Micrometers to the Ram Optical System are all equipped with Auto Data Collection which precludes possible erroneous manual recording of data.